We faith and families.

Our society is only as healthy as our families and our faith. That’s why we exist: to educate society about these wonderful institutions. One of the ways we do this is by educating the public on just how important these institutions are.

  • Faith-driven citizens mean a healthier society. Faith helps societies flourish by producing a citizenry that gives more to charity, that lives longer, that heal quicker, that are generally happier, that cope with stress better, that recover faster from tragedy, that produce more stable families and marriages, that are less likely to experience depression or drug abuse, and are less likely to commit crimes and suicide.
  • Healthy families mean healthy adults. Healthy families benefits adults by increasing general happiness and contentedness, increasing all measures of physical and mental health, increasing average lifespans, increasing sexual fulfillment, increasing work dependability and productivity, and increasing financial earnings and saving power. Healthy families also benefits adults by decreasing depression, decreasing alcoholism, decreasing substance abuse, decreasing overall life stress, and decreasing domestic violence rates.
  • Healthy families mean healthy children. Healthy families benefits children by increasing all levels of intellectual and educational development, increasing all levels of physical and emotional health, increasing sympathy and consideration of others. Healthy families also benefits children by decreasing the need to visit doctors for physical and emotional problems, decreasing incidents of idleness, decreasing the danger of physical and sexual abuse, decreasing the likelihood of living in poverty, and decreasing trouble with school or law enforcement authorities, decreasing participation in drugs, violence, and premarital sex.
  • Healthy families mean a healthy society. Healthy families benefits society by providing future citizens (and thus taxpayers!), by producing more virtuous citizens, by contributing to higher levels of economic growth and mobility, by expanding the future labor market, by decreasing the need of welfare services, by decreasing violent crime, and by decreasing the overall burden unhealthy children and citizens are to a government.

The North Carolina Values Institute exists to educate society about the significance of faith and family towards contributing to human flourishing. NCVI uses media, communications, amicus briefs, and other platforms to help drive a for-faith and for-family culture.

We produce media campaigns focused on raising the public’s awareness of the family of faith and family.

We produce pro-faith and pro-family amicus briefs to help equip courts with essential arguments and opinions.

We produce polls, reports, and papers to target influences and encourage pro-faith and pro-family policies.

We produce multiple tools that educate the public about the culture and social importance of faith and family.