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Faith should be celebrated, not regulated.

What is the North Carolina Values Institute?

What do you think is the most important institution in a society? Schools? Governments? Charities?

It’s actually the family. We would have no schools, no governments, no society, and even no churches were it not for the family. There could be no individuals, and no villages, without mothers and fathers. By your very existence, you de facto came from a family.

As a culture, we’ve lost our faith in the importance of the family. We’ve also lost our faith in the importance of faith. These two institutions do more to produce healthier, happier, and more virtuous citizens than any other social institution or government program.

That’s why we exist. We want society to flourish. Our mission is to educate culture about the importance of faith, family, and freedom. Will you join us?

Nc values institute

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We can’t do this alone. We need your support to help us get our family and faith-friendly message to your friends, family, and church members. Will you join us?